Web Design Services

Multi-Page Sites start with the Base Package

Showcase your Products and Services

We design dynamic webpages, captivating blogs, and seamless online shopping experiences tailored to your brand’s identity and customer preferences. Our expertise ensures that each aspect of your online presence is crafted to engage your target audience

The base package includes

3 Core Pages

Web Sites come with Home page, About page and Contact Page, Editor training so that you can make content changes

3 Custom Pages

You pick the page types that you want to add! This is where you get to showcase your products or services or provide additional information!

Bring your site to life

1 custom contact form, social media integration, analytics account, basic SEO Setup

Add a Blog

Start with the Base package then, elevate your website’s engagement and potential by seamlessly integrating a dynamic blog section, where you can share valuable insights and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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blog letters on brown wood
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eCommerce Buying Mac

Sell your Stuff

Start with the Base package then expand your website’s capabilities and reach by incorporating an intuitive online shopping feature, empowering your customers to browse, purchase, and enjoy your products or services with ease.

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Only need a single-page site?

Landing Page Design

Crafting engaging web landing pages is essential for captivating your audience’s attention and guiding them toward desired actions. With our expertise, we meticulously design landing pages that captivate and convert visitors into valuable leads or customers. Our single page Landing Pages come with a contact form and email marketing integration!


Logo Creation

We bring your brand’s essence to life through expertly crafted logos that resonate with your target audience and leave a lasting impression.


Speciality Plugins

Enhance your site’s functionality and user experience with invaluable plugins tailored to your website’s needs.


Stock Images

We can assist in sourcing high-quality stock photography, enhancing visual appeal, and elevating your online presence.


Content Creation

We offer comprehensive content creation services that tell your brand’s story with impact and authenticity.


Affiliate Link Setup

We integrate affiliate link options into your website, maximizing revenue potential while maintaining a cohesive user experience.


Social Media Integration

We seamlessly integrate social media functionalities into your website, amplifying your online presence and fostering greater engagement with your audience across various platforms.

No, but you can. Whether you already have one or you need one, we can help. Note that if we register your domain name, it comes with 2 free emails.

Nope, and you don’t want us to! You are the expert for your company and no one will know about your offerings better than you. Once we determine the pages for your site, we will provide a template for you to create your content.

No, but if you provide us the links to your social media accounts, we can link to your social media, and we highly recommend that you link your social media back to your site.

Maybe. We can provide stock images and even a logo for additional fees. For all images you provide, ensure you have permission to use them.

All content must be edited prior to sending it to us. Bull City Web is not responsible for any errors in print or copyright infringements. We will, however work with you to resolve any issues that you see.

Content updates can happen in 1 of 2 ways. You will have a training session to teach you how to update your content, or we can update your content for a small fee under our Content Maintenance option.